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Lake Naser

Visit the stunning Lake Nasser, Abu Simbel & Aswan on one of our delightful cruises below:

The construction of the High Dam at Aswan led to the creation of the worldds biggest man-made lake, Lake Nasser, and with it the opportunity to cruise its picturesque, unpopulated and tranquil waters on board luxuriously furbished vessels, visiting a selection of quieter temples and ancient sites. Many of these temples represent incredible feats of modern engineering, as they have been moved from their original sites to escape the rising waters brought about by the construction of the dam. King of all the wonders Lake Nasser has to offer is Abu Simbel and its two stunning temples, surely Egyptts best treasure after the Great Pyramids of Giza and not to be missed.
A cruise on Lake Nasser allows you the incomparable experience of dining by candlelight on board your boat as it is moored beside Abu Simbel, and represents a fantastic extension to a classic Nile Cruise or any other holiday in Egypt.

A Lake Nasser cruise take you to the Kalabsha temple, Ramses III's rock cut temple known as Beit el Wali, the Roman temple of Hathor known as Kertassi. Further south Ramses II's temple know as Wadi El Seboua temple, the Meriotic and Ptolemaic temple called Al Dakka, the unfinished Serapis temple called Al Meharakka. Visit to the saved temple of Amada (built during ThothMoses III and Amenhotep II), the rock cut temple of Derr and tomb of Penout (deputy under Ramses VI). On the east side of the lake is the ancient Fort now called Kasr Ibrim - and furthest south the two famous temples in Abu Simbel.
Jaz Omar El Khayam